Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Plot and not another service?

Plot makes the entire process as seamless as possible and provides the most comprehensive selection in the market today. We will also handle any customer service related issues to the best of our abilities for you.

Is planning ahead for death in the family important?

Death can sometimes be sudden but may be anticipated - Either way it is hard. We are here to help with the process so that you can focus your love and attention.

Can I use Plot only after a death in the family or do you handle estate planning as well?

That would depend on the vendors in your area- we can normally work something

Is Plot cheaper than competitors?

We don't have a price guarantee, but we can promise that we care.

Are prices negotiable?

All prices are determined by the vendors - we do not have a say in the pricing.

Do you handle cremations also or is it only burials?

We can usually connect you with multiple options so you can decide on a preference. If something is not listed in your area try widening your search parameters since a vendor may not be in your immediate area.

Where does plot operate? Certain cities? States? International?

We are currently only operating in *states*, but we are aggressively expanding. If you would like to see us in your city earlier- feel free to spread the word about us :)

Does Plot handle the religious needs of every denomination/sect/etc?

We strive to provide for all needs, but they are limited to the availability in your area. If you know of someone who is not listed on our platform please feel free to let us know! (Hyperlink email for recommendation intakes)

Can I purchase my burial services from you but bring in my local pastor/priest/rabbi/etc to perform the service?

Yes, you can purchase services a-la-cart.

My loved one just died, but i don’t have money to pay for funeral services. Do you have any options for me (i.e. payment plans)?

We do not currently offer payment plans but we do accept all major credit cards. We also have a donations page you can set up to accept help from any loved ones or even strangers from around the world!

Do you offer final expense life insurance?

Currently, we do not offer these services.

If there are any last minute changes to my needs, is there someone I can call?

Certainly, please reach out to us directly and we will help anyway we can.